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Bonbeach YCW JFC commitment to child safety

Bonbeach YCW Junior Football Club is a child safe organisation which welcomes all children, young people and their families. 


We are committed to providing an environment where our families are safe and feel safe, where their participation is valued, their views respected, and their voices are heard. Our child safe policies, strategies and practices are inclusive of the needs of all children and families 


We promote positive relationships between children, parents, coaches and other support staff. These relationships are based on trust and respect. 


We take proactive steps to identify and manage any risk of harm to children in our club environment. When child safety concerns are raised or identified, we treat these seriously and respond promptly and thoroughly.


Child safety is a shared responsibility. Every person involved in our club has an important role in promoting child safety and wellbeing and promptly raising any issues or concerns about a child’s safety.


We are committed to regularly reviewing our child safe practices, and seeking input from our families, volunteers and players to inform our ongoing strategies.

More information on child safety can be found here

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