Message from the President - Andrew Faid

Updated: May 13

Hi Sharks

Our club is our family, our family is our community.  Bonbeach YCW is more than "just" a football club.  During these uncertain times where routines, consistency and gatherings have gone out the window we need to do more. This is a once on a lifetime event where the rules of familiarity are out the window and the goals posts have been removed.  So what does this mean to our family, our community?  I believe people are currently anxious and are at a loose end in what to do exactly.  Every day, new announcements are made and isolation creeps ever closer.  Let's come together (metaphorically) and focus on others.  We can do many wonderful things as the heart of our community.  We want people to feel comforted in knowing they can reach out to others.

Please all Sharks, we need to think of others; people we know who may be anxious, lonely or live independently.  Our action plan during this period must be to reach out to others.  Whether via telephone, video conferencing or skype, let our community know you care. 

Conversely, if anyone receives this message and are feeling vulnerable or just need a chat, please call myself or a member of our committee.  We are not professional counsellors but we can offer a friendly voice to help soothe fears.  We are listening as a Club and we care deeply for our own. If you feel you need additional support at this time, you may wish to access the Government's mental health online resource "Head to Health" (

On a more formal note regarding fixturing, the League has followed the AFL's recommendations.  At this stage the season (subject to the state of emergency - health) will commence on 31st May 2020.  Training is predicted to commence a few  weeks beforehand. 

In the meantime we need and want all our members to do their bit in stopping this virus. 


  - limit your contact with others whether they are close friends or whilst out and about

  - practice social distancing of two arm lengths (1.5 metres)

  - all our young people, we need you to take this seriously

  - no gatherings or touching of others

  - wash your hands twenty times a day for twenty seconds with soap. 

We need good hygiene at all times. Together we can all make a difference.  Please take precautions during this time.  Follow the Government's guidelines of best practice.  At the end of the day we would love nothing better than seeing our kids back out on the park kicking a football. Think of others who you can support and create a positive influence. 

Thank you for your understanding and implementing a better, closer community.  To our members; thank you for being so supportive and cooperative during this time when 'unknown' is the new norm.



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